Elise. 20. College Student. Salvadoran/Indonesian/Dutch. QWoC & Intersectional Radical Feminist. Front Womyn in Speaking Tongues.

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♥ HOW TO get Silver / Grey Hair ! by Ivy Powell



Six pictures that I feel beauitiful in!!

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My first finished monster high custom.
No name yet
I must get better photos :)
But now to start working on another lol

omygosh i love this

“I’m interested in a POC, QTPOC, poor and working class, crip and disabled, womyn centered, love-based revolution. To be more specific, I want to participate in a community that de-prioritizes whiteness, patriarchy and masculinity, celebrity, cis folk, and other forms of privilege when discussing who we are and how we want to exist with each other. I want to see a QTPOC culture that recognizes how we recreate hierarchy and privilege and works to reject those hierarchies and privileges when they are offered to us. We cannot practice accountability as a community if we cannot practice it within our individual lives. Even if we cannot stop people in positions of great political and cultural power from doing the oppressive things they have been doing for centuries, we can create and uphold an alternative model.

We have an abundance of intellectual, artistic, familial, romantic, psychological, medicinal, and economic resources; we do not need systems that emerge from this country’s white supremacist heritage to survive. Further, we need to stop living in opposition to whiteness when we can be living for the empowerment and survival of each other. We can take care of each other if we choose; but, when we do it, it needs to be rooted in love, self-reflection, and generosity. So, this year, when you critique U.S. imperialism on July 4th, dedicate some of that energy to critiquing and shifting the ways you contribute to and benefit from that imperialism by creating new practices, rituals, and systems for intra-community accountability and resilience.”

Jezebel Delilah X, De-Centering Whiteness Through Radical Accountability in QTPOC Community (via fuckyeahlgbtqblackpeople)

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Wild Woolly


Wild Woolly


beautiful lil angel


how have i only just discovered Phiney Pet today??? so good


Walking Piece, 1966, by Yayoi Kusama